Why Grenville

Grenville’s core values drive what companies find so appealing about a prospective partnership with us. We believe in you, the entrepreneur, and want you to focus on managing your business according to your vision.

Due to our limited downside protection, Grenville derives value by aligning with your company’s founders, management, and shareholders, making for a better and more collaborative long-term partnership. We achieve success by collaborating with strong entrepreneurs, ultimately generating upside for you and your business through growth.

Our investments are structured to parallel your company’s growth, providing opportunity for follow-on investments, along with capital from other investors, we can help you reach over time as you grow. The investment format is easily overlaid with your existing or desired capital structure, allowing you to raise the optimal funds needed to grow your business.

We pride ourselves on our efficient due diligence, documentation and closing process, with a flexible structure that can meet your unique company needs.