Our Solutions

Grenville’s royalty financing solutions provide competitive and dynamic financing options for small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) who are looking for an alternative or complement to debt and equity financing.

Grenville’s goal is to align with your plans for growth and increased cash flow by trading our investment capital for a small percentage of your company’s revenues, matching our returns to your success. Our unique terms allow you to make minimum monthly payments while giving you the flexibility to increase your revenues with the invested capital, prior to setting the fixed royalty rate.

A typical royalty agreement will have the following structure:

  • Amount: Initial investment of $250-$1 million; up to $3 million over time
  • Monthly Payment: Minimum payment or 1-4% of revenue
  • Buyout Options: Available
  • Control Features: None
  • Financial Covenants: None
  • Security: Minimal

Grenville seeks to invest in growing technology, industrial technology and service companies meeting all or most of the following metrics:

  • Ongoing operations for longer than 3 years
  • Annual revenues of $3-$50 million
  • Technology, industrial technology, or services sectors
  • Gross margins in excess of 30%
  • Revenue visibility over the next 12 to 24 months