About Grenville

Based in Toronto, Grenville Strategic Royalty Corp. makes investments in growing businesses in the technology, industrial technology and services sectors. Grenville seeks to exploit a huge unmet need in the financing market for profitable or near profitable small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to grow or transition their business without dilution or heavily restrictive covenants.

Grenville’s unique royalty financing approach provides a needed alternative to standard debt or equity and allows entrepreneurs to maintain financial flexibility and control. We seek to establish relationships with investees who are looking to implement profitable growth plans and work with them to build long-term value and strong returns for our shareholders.

Since inception, Grenville has grown its team and invested in companies across North America operating in multiple sectors and in various economic stages. Grenville has assisted its portfolio companies in the execution of various growth plans, such as acquisitions, public listings, ownership transitions and strategic company buyouts.